4 December 2014

Getting over being a rubbish writer.

OK, I don't exactly know if the actual quality of my writing is rubbish or otherwise; what I mean here is that I seem to have rubbish discipline as far as, y'know, sitting down and putting pen to paper is concerned.

Well, it seems I've found a way to encourage myself to 'JFDI.'

The novella I'm working on - if you want to call it that - is fairly simple in how I've arranged it; it's as much a concept-anthology as it is a single story, which means I can write out of sequence without having to make or refer to notes concerning characters. Which I've done: I actually wrote the last story first, partly because I wanted an end to encourage myself to work toward and partly because I had a couple of nice scenes in my head that I wanted to write.

Another thing I've done to encourage myself to get it done is blow the dust off my Lulu account, and set it up to actually use. Cleared away a few half-arsed projects that I gave up on when I was still at school, and created the project for the novella I'm now working on. I even have an ISBN registered for it.

So all-in-all it looks like whether or not my writing is rubbish, I'm not so much a rubbish writer any more.

Wish me luck.

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