19 November 2014

Hello, world.

Hello. Are you sitting comfortably?

Oyez: once upon a time, I was of the firm opinion that things like this were for people who were either interesting enough to have something to say that other people might want to read, or else people who were so utterly pathetic as to presume that I - or other members of the general populus - might want to read about how they've just been to buy beans, or walk the frog, or whatever it is that normal people do.

Well over the last handful of years, I've become aware that it's not just for cool/awesome people - which I am not - or for those so silly as to try and tie a piece of string around a frog so that they can take it for a walk - of which, to be fair, I probably am. What it is, for most people, is a place where they can scramble their ribblings... sorry, scribble their ramblings... to get things out of their system, or else as a medium to sort their thoughts out within their own head. To be fair and honest, I'm probably just going to scribble and rant. Or plug any music or writing projects I may be working on.

Until then. Cheers.

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