22 November 2014

It isn't Christmas yet!

I've been seeing it on the television for most of this month. Amd at least half of the last. Christmas savings this, Christmas presents that. And to top it all off, the one thing that my generation claims to be the one true sign that Christmas is really coming - the Coca-Cola advert came on. Nearly a month early.

I get called a spoil-sport by my friends who consider it to be Christmas as soon as we're into the last quarter of the year. People who start watching Santa Clause and listening to Now That's What I Call Christmas at the end of September.

People like that make me sick. At the end of the day, it's hype upon commercial hype, and it does nothing to make Christmas anything other than an anticlimax. Seriously; when they've been putting Christmas songs and films on, and Christmas discounts are already available at some shops, it makes me glad for it all being over, come January.

OK, maybe it's handy to have your Christmas cards ready to write/send a few weeks in advance. Maybe it's wise to save up for presents and food and expensive cheese and Cockburns Special Reserve Port. Maybe it's prudent to make your Christmas pudding a year in advance, as tradition says, or buy cards and wrapping paper in early January when all the shops want the stock off their shelves (we've all done it). Or even go so far as to buy something you see when you see it, in the spirit of the opportunist.

But it isn't necessary to start making a fuss about Christmas until it's actually getting close to Christmas. You know, maybe the beginning of Advent or so.

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