16 July 2015

Life is happening.

And it's happening to other people as well as me.

My brother moved out of our parents' house - where I'm still living, stereotypical nerd - in early February or so, to live with his fiancée, about ten miles away. In late May we found out that they are pregnant, and soon after they moved away to her parents' place in this awful place I call Down South. In the last couple of days we've found out what sex the baby is going to be, and a name has been decided upon, which I've just found out this evening. So, life is happening.

In my own life, things are taking a slightly less break-neck pace: I didn't get either of the jobs I was interviewed for last month, though an old classmate from when I was at university added me on LinkedIn last week, and I found out it that it had been him who got one of the jobs I'd gone for - the one in Lancaster, if you read my last entry. So, good for him. I hope he's the better man for the job.

I'm working on the novel, one chapter at a time. Right now I'm taking a moment's break from writing chapter thirty-eight of The Force of the Gods to write this, with a coffee to hand, and a copy of The Dark Side of the Moon playing on my headphones.

A couple of weeks ago (actually, the night those great thunderstorms happened) I had a thrommy at my laptop and gave it a smack in just the wrong place, so the hard drive crashed. Properly. So, thank fuck that FotG is stored elsewhere. However, all the recordings I'd done for my other little pet-project, a rock opera I'm calling Riding The Threads, were lost. But again, thank fuck that I had all the lyrics and music written down, and that I've got (if I say so myself) a fantastic memory for music. So, once I've finished the draft of this volume of FotG, I'll be getting to work on remaking all those recordings. It could be a blessing in disguise, considering that I'm now a lot more skilled at the various instruments I was overdubbing to make the recordings I had. So the rest of my year is pretty much planned.

Windows 10: I've been playing with it. Actually, I've been dogfooding it since it came out in September last year, and I'm impressed with how far it's come. And this evening I upgraded, through the Windows Insider programme, to the latest build, which I hear is the version to be released to manufacturing (TH1, 10240). It's come a hell of a long way, and I'm very impressed. I'm also impressed with the phone version, which I'm running on my Lumia 535 quite happily. It seems like Microsoft aren't the pillocks that people seem to have them for.

But, in all of these cases, time will tell.

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