20 December 2015

I am getting *no better* at this.

OK, it's December. That means it's something like five months since I last wrote anything here.

That's not entirely because I couldn't be bothered though, if I'm honest. For a while I was a little put-out, because after spending ages writing an entry to put up, the site just dropped it, and I was pretty annoyed. So I just walked off, so to speak.

But, bygones and all that. It's a website, and isn't going to take a lesson from me getting annoyed with it.


Force of the Gods

The book's done, edited, and out today on Kindle, under the name Journeyman - The Force of the Gods: Part I. Bit of a mouthful, I guess, but I can be a little bit verbose when I want to be. If anyone's interested in looking at Journeyman, here's the link: linky.

It's been a fun book to write, but it's only the first part of a three-part story, the second part of which is pretty much planned and ready to start writing, so I'll be getting on with that in the new year.

You might notice that I've not put a paperback version of Journeyman anywhere yet. That's because I'm trying to get in touch with literary agents before I give in and start doing it myself; it just seems that if it's worth trying, it's worth trying. I don't want to wimp out of trying because I'm scared of being rejected. If you know what I mean.


Everything I had recorded is still lost, like I said in my last entry. But that's OK, beause I still can remember it all, and while I didn't get round to start rerecording it again yet, I will be doing soon. A lot of it needed rerecording anyway, because the playing, recording, editing, and mixing were all rough as gravel. Which isn't much use.

I've resolved to start practicing the ukulele again. Once upon a time, I was pretty good at it, and a fairly well-respected player, even had something of a small following on YouTube. But then I got into university and didn't have time to shave, let alone keep practicing a musical instrument. But now I've pretty much only got time on my hands, and have to find imaginative and not-wasteful ways to use it until I can actually find a job.

Windows 10

It's out. It got old. They updated it.

I can't say I'm as impressed. Not because I got used to it, but pretty much because, as always, it was really good when it was in beta - but then once it came out they seemed to start cutting corners. Bits started going wrong in updates, drivers were being updated wrong... just bits were going wrong. Though that could just be me.


Apart from all this, I'm just trying to keep going. Like I said, find constructive ways to pass my time, rather than lounge on the couch watching Australia's Biggest Loser, which seems to be good enough for some people I know. Which means I'm doing my writing, practicing my music again, looking for work, and also I'm thinking of getting back into programming again. Because, y'know, that's what I'm actually trained in. So I'm trying to decide how best to go about that. I guess I'll figure it out and let you know at some point.

Until then.

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